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About Us

Ketamine Treatment


A widely used anesthetic re-purposed through infusion via intravenous therapy to have effects combating the various degrees of depression 

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H. Rand Scott M.D.


 Dr. Scott, a board certified anesthesiologist, provides his 25 years of experience to the detailed oversight and implementation of Ketamine therapy 

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Newport Pain Management


 Located within the Fashion Island district of Newport Beach, CA, NPM is one of the nation's leading pain management and plastic surgery centers.

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Our Mission

We treat people how we would want to be treated.  That means no long waits for the doctor, no stairs or elevators to get up,  comfortable chairs and a clean facility, warm private rooms with cloth gowns and free parking in one in of America nicest cities. 

If you are seeking Ketamine Therapy in Orange County, CA, and have disliked the impersonal atmosphere of a large hospital, then you will find that Newport Pain Management offers a very private, personalized,  friendly environment in a great clinic with attentive staff. Infusions are performed under the direction of anesthesiologist and pain specialist H. Rand Scott, M.D.  

Dr. H. Rand Scott

H. Rand Scott, M.D.  is a board certified anesthesiologist that has been practicing pain management and anesthesia for more than 25 years. Dr. Scott attend Pennsylvania State University where he received his B.S. in Biology. He then went on to graduate from Hershey Medical School in Pennsylvania and followed with a residency at the University of Southern California. Dr. Scott has been named a "Physician of Excellence" twice by his peers at the Orange County Medical Association. Throughout his career, Dr. Scott has also been a guest lecturer at many hospitals and universities, as well as holding a seat on many prestigious medical and administrative boards.  Working in some of the largest medical facilities in the world, Dr. Scott found it best to treat patients with the most personalized medical services possible in his own private practice in Newport Beach, California.